Pilot Training


Flying a helicopter is a life-long dream for most of us. ESC offers the opportunity to realise your personal challenge. ESC is an approved Flight Training Organisation B/FTO-016 where you can learn to fly the helicopter without any foreknowledge in an individual and flexible Training Environment. The standard training helicopter is Schweizer 300C Helicopter (HU269)

Private Helicopter Flight Training (PPL(H))

The Private Helicopter Flight Training is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby or for personal business. With your Private Pilot Helicopter Licence (PPL(H)) you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers on board of your helicopter or the helicopter you are renting. No prior experience is necessary before you begin your flight instruction. ESC offers an intensive 120-hour ground school in combination with a well-structured flight training program. The staff will support the student during the preparation of his examination in order to increase significantly the success rate of the training.

Familiarisation Flight

Before starting your helicopter training, a familiarization or initialization flight is recommended. It includes a general overview of the pilot training and a brief description concerning the helicopter you will be using on your first flight. During the initiation, you will actually be given the opportunity to take control of the helicopter yourself.

What brings the future?

In order to comply with the European legislation (EU)1178/2011, the united training organizations situated at ZWARTBERG are working hard to establish a new Training Organization “Limburgse Vleugels vzw” conformly to the latest EASA directives. The goal is to provide Helicopter Training through this organization from 2014. Until then the Private Helicopter Flight Training is ensured by the actual B/FTO-16 of ESC bvba.